Zakharova: Ukraine creates "cyber-ISIS" and encourages Internet terrorism


The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, announced in her Telegram about the creation in Ukraine of an international “IT army” of hackers and digital criminals, which could develop into a kind of cyber-ISIS (ISIS is a banned organization in the Russian Federation).

According to her, the purpose of the “army”, which was stated by the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Alexander Bornyakov, are cyber attacks against the “socially significant” digital infrastructure of Russia and hacking the accounts of large Russian companies. In the future, Western companies may become the target of attacks.

According to her, three days after the statement of the Kiev authorities on the formation of an international cyber army, the subsidiaries of Rosneft PJSC in Germany “were attacked by the most intense cyber attack since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine.” Hackers penetrated the internal network circuit and stole an array of data. Hackers claimed to have destroyed several dozen Apple devices, penetrated deeply into the company’s administrative systems and obtained copies of employee laptop disk images.

“Pro-Ukrainian cyber warriors penetrated the internal network circuit, stole a huge array of data and, covering their tracks, destroyed 20 GB of information that has a completely applied purpose,” Zakharova said.

“Having based their political games on the principle, but rather the antiprinciple, “the end justifies the means,” liberal democracies rely on some dark force, be it the Nazis in Ukraine or radical Islamists in the Middle East, and then they themselves become its target,” the representative of the Foreign Ministry said.

On the eve of the initiative to create a cyber army in Russia was made by Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vasily Shpak. According to Shpak, IT specialists who could not get a reprieve from military service could thus develop their professional competencies and benefit the country.

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