YouTube has started blocking state media


YouTube said it would immediately block access to state-funded Russian media channels and would also remove all content about the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine that “violates its policy.”

The reason for this decision was the “guidelines” that prohibit “downplaying” the significance of documented “violent events,” the statement said.

“We are now immediately starting blocking access to channels linked to Russian state media around the world,” the statement said.

Earlier, YouTube completely suspended monetization for users from Russia, and also banned Russian users from connecting Premium subscriptions and YouTube Music. “This means that YouTube authors will temporarily cease to receive income from these functions in Russia,” the message said. Until when monetization and other YouTube functions will be suspended, it was not specified.

The response of regulatory authorities in Russia is not yet known, but it is expected that Yotube will be blocked in the near future.

Recall that today the Prosecutor General’s Office demanded to recognize Meta as an “extremist organization”, as a result of which access to the Instagram social network was promptly blocked.

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