Yevgeny Prigozhin's company initiates a law that makes it difficult for IT specialists to travel abroad and hire them in foreign companies


Due to the need to protect Russia’s strategic interests, including in the field of information technology and security, the legal service of Concord has developed a bill “On measures for additional control over the movement and employment of IT specialists.”

“Within the framework of the law, we consider it right to establish the procedure for additional declaration by IT specialists of travel abroad and coordination with the state security bodies of the Russian Federation of employment in foreign companies, in order to verify their presence in the lists of extremist organizations, as well as in the state bodies of countries included in the list of unfriendly.” – the official message of the company says.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia does not support any legislative restrictions related to the movement of IT personnel and their employment. Such measures can lead to an increase in the outflow of specialists and have a destructive impact on the industry as a whole.

“Our specialists are really highly valued in the global IT market. We must provide them with decent competitive working conditions, and not make it difficult for them to move or find employment in foreign companies.“- stated in the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry holds regular meetings with representatives of the IT industry and forms support measures that IT specialists need. Creating comfortable conditions for the development of IT business in Russia is the only reasonable way to retain staff.


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