Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has shut down its IT systems due to a cyber attack


German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex was forced to shut down its IT systems at factories around the world as a result of a cyberattack on March 31 this year.

Nordex company specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of wind turbines. Its sales volume in 2021 amounted to about $6 billion. The company has factories in Germany, China, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Spain and India.

Last week, the company reported detecting an intrusion into its networks “at an early stage” and taking appropriate measures.

“A security incident response team was immediately assembled from internal and external specialists to contain the attack and prevent its further spread, as well as to assess its scale. Disabling some IT systems may affect our customers, employees and shareholders. Nordex Group will provide further information when more is known,” the company said in a notice.

Recall that last month an attack on the satellite company Viasat caused failures in the operation of control systems of 5,8 thousand wind turbines in Germany.

According to Renewables Now, the company managed to restore remote monitoring tools for 85% of affected systems.

Last November, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines Vestas suffered from an attack of extortionate software. Like Nordex, it had to shut down its IT systems at many enterprises in order to prevent further spread of the attack.

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