What awaits you on the "Cyberaren"?

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On April 28, the first edition of a new online show for cybersecurity specialists – “Cyberarena”, organized by the Avangard Media Group and Gazinformservice Company, will be released. Let’s figure out what to expect from the project and who will be interested in it.

According to the organizers, the idea of the special project originated three years ago. Initially, the project was conceived as a closed platform for communication of specialists in information security. Now, having gone through numerous discussions, it has transformed into an entertaining and intellectual format, and claims to be one of the most interesting and promising Russian shows on the topic of cybersecurity in 2022.

Four teams consisting of highly qualified professionals working in the field of information security will meet at the Cyberarena site to demonstrate their expertise in the field of information security. The participants of the intellectual game will compete in the ability to respond to modern challenges in information security, in the speed of finding answers to complex professional questions, and will also demonstrate system knowledge in the field of IT and information security. Import substitution, the fight against hackers, the protection of information on the web – this is the basic list of topics that players will touch on within the game.

The captains of the teams of the first edition were well-known experts in various fields of information security: Olga Popova, Anton Shipulin, Denis Batrankov and Evgeny Pitolin.

Authoritative members of the expert community will act as a panel of the jury: Valentin Makarov, Alexey Lukatsky and Rustem Khayretdinov. It is they who will monitor the implementation of the rules and identify the most convincing, competent and courageous participants.

The winners will be determined not only by the jury: viewers will be able to vote for the team they like and lead it to victory. Thanks to this voting mechanism, we will find out which point of view really dominates among the experts of the information security industry.

The project is primarily aimed at those who are interested in modern cybersecurity technologies, but want to move away from traditional standards.

“Cyberarena” is one of the most promising projects about cybersecurity, which, perhaps, has a real chance to become the best thematic online show of this season.

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