Websites of Russian federal agencies hacked by hackers


The attack allegedly affected the websites of the Federal Bailiff Service, Rosaviation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Rosstandart, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Rosgvardiya, Roszdravnadzor, the Federal Agency for Railway Transport, Rosmorrechflot and Rosselkhoznadzor. Only the website was actually hacked (responsible for monitoring government websites) to which the image was uploaded and the widget has been replaced .js?id=187.

Earlier, the Ministry of Finance issued recommendations for government agencies’ websites, which strongly recommended removing all foreign scripts from the code.

Currently, the websites of some ministries and departments do not open, and a provocative banner has appeared on others. So far, no one has claimed responsibility for this hack.

Earlier, anonymous hacktivists declared war on Russia and noted several high-profile hacks. A network of gas stations near Sheremetyevo Airport was hacked, a massive deface of major Russian media was carried out, an attempt was made to damage products in Selyatino agricultural holding and several Russian TV channels were hacked in Wink and Ivi online cinemas.

Hacktivism by its nature is always loud, while intelligence is usually quiet,” says former NSA hacker Jake Williams. “Hacktivists with the most noble motives, loudly declaring their actions, can unwittingly reveal an intelligence operation that could continue on a vulnerable network and remain unnoticed for a long time. Spies will be inadvertently exposed due to a high-profile hacktivist attack.”

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