Vandana Jain Named in Top 100 Great People Managers List


Vandana Jain, Sophos Facilities Site Manager in Ahmedabad, has recently been recognized as a “Great People Manager” by the Great Manager Institute.

Vandana is listed in the Top 100 Great People Managers List 2021, beating over 10,000 other leaders from numerous organizations, spanning all sectors across India. An incredible achievement!

Vandana was recognized for the way she nurtures her team on the principles of ‘connect, develop and inspire’. Members of her team often credit her for the growth and professional development they have seen under her leadership.

The Great People Manager Study

The Great Manager Institute evaluates leaders from across India through its study, the Great People Manager Study, which is the largest of its kind and the results of which are published in Forbes India. The list of top 100 managers includes managers from all levels – from first-time managers through to CEOs.

The study focuses on assessing people management effectiveness using a 4-layered methodology. The process involves feedback from various stakeholders associated with the manager, evaluation of their practices that make them special, and reputation checks, involving technology-driven methods powered by surveys and quantitative evaluation tools.

Huge congratulations to Vandana Jain for her fantastic effort and standout leadership qualities.

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