Unknown persons hacked the websites of a number of Russian media

Source: Unknown persons hacked the websites of a number of Russian media – Cobalt Strike Cybersecurity | Cobaltstrike.NET

Hackers have launched a large-scale attack on Russian information resources. On the websites of the publications, the group published messages with appeals.

Among them are TASS, Kommersant, Fontanka, RBC, Forbes, Izvestia, Znak. com, BURO 24/7, Mel, E1, Such Things, as well as the Belarusian edition of Onliner.bu. The same content appeared on the pages — an anti-war appeal allegedly on behalf of journalists. The signature is of the hacker group Anonymous.

Unknown persons appealed to “stop this madness.” Allegedly, on behalf of Russian journalists, they demanded “not to send sons and husbands to certain death,” reported that Russia was “isolated from the whole world.” The statement also said that “some of us will be fired or even imprisoned.” Hackers signed up as “not indifferent journalists of Russia”.


Recall on February 25, Anonymous announced a “cyber war” of Russia in connection with the situation around Ukraine. “The Anonymous collective is officially waging a cyber war against the Russian government,” the statement says, which the hackers accompanied with the hashtags “#Anonymous #Ukraine.”

Earlier, the national coordination center for computer incidents, created by the FSB, announced a critical threat level of cyber attacks on Russian information resources. “Any failure in the operation of the CII facilities for a reason that has not been reliably established, first of all, should be considered as the result of a computer attack,” the Center reported.

The problem arose due to a cyberattack on the statistics service Оnthe.io . We publish the official statement of the service:

“Our service was subjected to a cyber attack and was hacked. Because of what an unauthorized statement appeared on the site. At the moment, we do not control the situation, so we strongly recommend removing the code as a matter of urgency cdn.onthe.io until the circumstances are clarified. We also officially declare that our team has nothing to do with this. We are dealing with the cause.”

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