Ukrainian border checkpoint was subjected to a cyberattack using a viper


The Ukrainian border checkpoint was subjected to a cyberattack, which slowed down the process of allowing refugees to Romania. Refugees leaving Ukraine after Russia invaded the country have to wait for a long time at the border, sometimes for several days.

The cyberattack was carried out using a viper, allegedly used earlier in attacks on the Ministry’s computer systems. Earlier, researchers from the ESET information technology company discovered the destructive HermeticWiper software in Ukraine, which affected hundreds of computers. According to experts, the cyberattack has been developed over the past few months.

The recent attack affected the border crossing between Ukraine and Romania in Siret. Only the Ukrainian border control came under attack, while the Romanian border checkpoint was not affected.

Information security expert Chris Kubecka, familiar with the situation, I intend to get a malware sample and hand it over to the Computer Emergency Response team in the EU.

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