"Trust issues" are leading the list of reasons against switching to the cloud

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/15/trust-issues-are-leading-the-list-of-reasons-against-switching-to-the-cloud/

Enterprises are rapidly moving to cloud technologies, but only a few are ready to abandon local data storage systems.

According to a recent study conducted by Hornetsecurity among more than 900 IT professionals, about 93% of organizations are either already using cloud technologies or will completely switch to the cloud within the next five years.

Among the key questions of the transition: will the hybrid cloud survive the transition? According to the Hornetsecurity survey, it is possible, since 67% of respondents consider the hybrid system as the ultimate goal, and not as a temporary policy.

Another 29% stated their intention to completely switch to cloud technologies, and 9% decided to save their data in a local environment.

Although most companies are implementing cloud technologies to one degree or another, it is still difficult to entrust corporate data to suppliers.

According to the survey, 34% of companies say that “trust/privacy issues are the main reason for maintaining workloads on the local network.”

According to the authors of the reports, sentiment prevails between companies of all sizes and from different countries.

“There is no tangible difference in trust in the public cloud between respondents from different countries or company sizes — which clearly indicates widespread distrust,” the authors say.

A noticeable difference is evident when evaluating the experience of working with the cloud. Respondents with more than 20 years of experience are more likely to distrust the cloud (33.6%) compared to respondents with 1 to 5 years of experience (24.2%).

Half of all respondents mentioned “outdated systems or software” as another important reason for maintaining certain workloads at the local level. 4 out of 10 companies called “application compatibility” an obstacle to moving to the cloud.

Organizations see several disadvantages that hinder the smooth implementation of cloud technologies. 48% consider staff shortage to be the main problem.

The most common workload that does not allow IT departments to move all services to the cloud is “printing and image processing services” (55%). Databases (50%), file storage (45%) and application services (43%) were also cited as reasons for partial retention of local services.

Almost half of all respondents pointed to “monitoring and security as a problem when implementing a hybrid cloud solution – that is, security issues remain one of the main ones for service providers.”

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