The US wants to impose new sanctions against Huawei because of its cooperation with Russia


As the Financial Times newspaper reported on Thursday, the Chinese company Huawei may be subject to new sanctions from the United States for expanding cooperation with Russia. Previously, the company lost the ability to use Google services on its devices. YouTube, Google Play, Google Maps and similar apps are not available on Huawei devices.

According to the publication, Huawei’s four Russian research centers hire dozens of engineers, including machine learning specialists in Novosibirsk, speech recognition researchers in St. Petersburg and data analysts in Nizhny Novgorod. Huawei has also expanded its sales and business development opportunities in Moscow since February 24.

The article notes that sales of Chinese smartphones in Russia for the first half of March increased by 300%. At the same time, Huawei and Xiaomi companies risk violating Western sanctions if they continue to supply phones to Russia, since their products are often manufactured using American equipment, therefore, corporations must receive US approval for exporting products.

The Government of the Russian Federation has sent a request to the IT corporation for support in the modernization of the Crimean peninsula, which is why the West may again announce sanctions for the company. There is information that American telecommunications networks are currently being replaced with new ones in the republic, with the support of Huawei and ZTE.

The American authorities believe that by their actions the companies violate Western sanctions, since American equipment is used in the production of their products. Kevin Wolf, an ex-employee of the US Department of Commerce, stressed that companies from China “cannot legally supply their goods to Russia.”

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