The United States was afraid of cyber attacks against the West with sanctions against Kaspersky Lab


A WSJ source reported that the White House National Security Council has begun developing sanctions against the Russian IT corporation because of the situation in Ukraine. But some experts of the Ministry of Finance were afraid that the consequences of such restrictions could be very serious. In their opinion, Russia can respond with cyber attacks against Western countries.

For this reason, members of the Washington administration disagree on the need to impose restrictions against the company, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) newspaper writes

The department added that sanctions against Kaspersky Lab will not be so easy to introduce. So, they pointed out that Kaspersky Lab products are used by “hundreds of millions” of users around the world, and this “makes it difficult to impose sanctions.” In addition, some officials fear that restrictions against Kaspersky Lab will increase the likelihood of cyber attacks from Moscow, including using the company’s software.

Currently, the White House National Security Council has postponed consideration of sanctions against Kaspersky Lab at the US Treasury Department.

On March 25, the US Federal Communications Commission included Kaspersky Lab JSC in the list of companies whose products, according to the regulator, pose a threat to the security of the country. According to the document, the US Department of Homeland Security concluded that “products under the Kaspersky Lab brand pose an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States and its people.” Two legal entities from China have also been added to the updated list of the Federal Communications Commission.

LC stated that she was disappointed with the commission’s decision to ban the use of federal subsidies for the purchase of Kaspersky Lab products and suggested that it was taken for political reasons.

On March 28, the International Community for Responding to cyber Threats FIRST suspended work with Russian incident response centers, including the Kaspersky Lab center. The statement contradicts the very principle of the company’s work, which states that FIRST seeks to unite incident response teams and security services from all over the world to ensure a secure Internet for everyone.

Kaspersky Lab also announced the suspension of the reward program for detected errors due to the refusal of the HackerOne platform from cooperation.

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