The United States has withdrawn telecommunications and Internet equipment from sanctions against Russia


The US Treasury Department has excluded telecommunications equipment and some Internet technologies related to Internet communication from the sanctions imposed against Russia. Among them are applications for video conferences, as well as hosting and domain registration services.

It is allowed to export or re—export, sell or supply directly or indirectly from the United States or by American citizens, wherever they are, to Russia services, software, equipment or technologies related to communication via the Internet – such as instant messaging, photos, films and documents, video conferencing, chats and e-mail, social networks, web browsing, blogging, web hosting and domain name registration services.

– reports the US Treasury

At the same time, the US Treasury published an updated sanctions list against Russia. Eight Russians and 29 Russian organizations contributed to it.

Earlier, Roselectronics Holding, part of Rostec, developed a router based on a domestic processor to create an information infrastructure protected from hacker attacks, the press service of the state corporation reported. The modular structure allows you to customize the device for the needs of a particular enterprise.

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