The social network Twitter has announced the launch of its web application on the Tor network


“This is probably the most important and long-awaited tweet I’ve ever come up with,” said Muffett. Tor has been added to the list of supported browsers on the social network website, which will allow users from countries where the social network is blocked to use Twitter.

«This is the platform’s commitment to do business with people who use Tor on a fair basis“,” Muffett told The Verge in a live message on Twitter. “Setting up an onion address is a practical step that demonstrates how the platform clearly meets the needs of people who use Tor.”

Onion services are sometimes referred to as hidden services or “darknet” services, although the latter often refers to explicitly criminal sites such as the Silk Road drug market. A number of websites offer special versions of Tor, including the DuckDuckGo search engine and news agencies such as The New York Times , BBC and ProPublica . Tools such as SecureDrop, which The Verge and other sites use to obtain secure documents, also work through Tor.

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