The Russian Foreign Ministry said that cyber operations against Russia often resemble terrorism


Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the ongoing cyber aggression by the collective West.

Here is the text of the statement in full:

“Against the background of a special military operation to protect the DPR and LPR, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, the United States and its satellites are undertaking a massive cyber operation against our country. In fact, every day, state institutions, mass media, critical infrastructure facilities, and life support systems are subjected to powerful blows with the use of advanced information and communication technologies. At the suggestion of the Kiev regime, an “international appeal” of anti-Russian computer specialists has been announced, in fact forming “offensive cyber forces”. The bill for malicious attacks against us goes to hundreds of thousands per day.

Sophisticated cyber means are used to steal the personal data of Russian citizens. Fake information is being distributed on the Internet in order to disorient and demoralize Russian society, discredit the actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and government bodies, stimulate illegal activity in the population, hinder the work of various sectors of the economy, sow fear and instability.

The unprecedented scale of these actions and their coordinated nature clearly indicate that in addition to the Ukrainian special forces of information and technical impact prepared by the United States and other NATO members, anonymous hackers and provocateurs acting on the instructions of the Western curators of the Kiev regime are increasingly involved in conducting this cyber war against us. In fact, an army of cyber-mercenaries is waging war against us, facing specific combat tasks, often bordering on open terrorism.

Our specialized structures effectively resist these attacks, give them a powerful rebuff. Strengthening of ICT security in the current conditions is becoming one of the main tasks in line with reliable national security of the country. Efforts to promote relevant initiatives will be intensified at international venues, primarily at the UN. Work will continue to strengthen the legal protection of Russian individuals and legal entities from malicious cyber interference from outside.

No one should have any doubt that the cyber aggression unleashed against Russia will lead to serious consequences for its instigators and perpetrators. The sources of the attacks will be identified, the attackers will inevitably be held responsible for what they have done according to the requirements of the law.”

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