The researcher hacked the PS4/PS5, but does not intend to report how


Security researcher under the pseudonym CTurt reported that he received a reward for detecting vulnerabilities in PlayStation game consoles as part of the bug bounty program on the Hackerone platform. However, according to the researcher, he is unlikely to ever reveal these vulnerabilities.

Curt is a veteran in the field of hacking PS4. It was he who created the first jailbreak for PS4 on firmware 1.76 and since then has been constantly working on the security of the console. Last year, Curt announced the discovery of serious problems in the PlayStation (for which he received a reward of $ 10 thousand from Sony), which he does not intend to ever disclose to the general public.

Around the same time, the researcher confirmed that he had received a PS5 console from the PlayStation security team for additional research, and, judging by his recent tweet, he was awarded an additional reward. In addition, Curt announced its intention to disclose some vulnerabilities, but it is not known whether they are related to PS4 or PS5. It is also unclear whether the disclosed vulnerabilities will be useful.

Researchers treat the disclosure of vulnerabilities, especially in PS5, with great caution. For example, the researchers Fail0verflow and TheFloW also reported a successful PS5 hack, but neither of them is planning to publish anything yet.

Currently, no one wants to be the first to crack a new console, although a few years ago, in the days of PS3 and PSP, it was just the opposite.

In addition, Curt noted that the PlayStation team offered him a reward that was worth working for. This is important, because now not all researchers are satisfied with the amounts and terms of payments under bug bounty programs.

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