The number of disinformation campaigns on Facebook has increased dramatically


Meta specialists reported an increased number of cyber espionage attempts and disinformation campaigns on the Facebook social network related to the conflict in Ukraine. The Meta security team actively eliminates threats and removes fake news and accounts.

In one case, Meta experts deleted fake news publications related to the Belarusian KGB. The account owner started publishing disinformation in Polish and English about the military conflict.

In addition, the tech giant has recorded a growing number of cyber attacks by the criminal group Ghostwriter since February 24. Ghostwriter tried to hack dozens of accounts of Ukrainian servicemen and public figures on Facebook.

Experts have stopped numerous attempts by the Internet Research Agency (also known as the “troll factory”), posing as a human rights NGO, to create Facebook accounts.

Meta also deleted tens of thousands of accounts, pages and groups that used both automated and manual systems to spread spam and fake content.

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