The new Microsoft Autopatch feature will become publicly available in July 2022


Microsoft specialists intend to make a feature called Autopatch publicly available as part of Windows Enterprise E3 in July 2022.

“The service will automatically update Windows and Office software on registered end devices at no additional cost. The second Tuesday of every month will just be another Tuesday,” said Lior Bela, senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

Windows Autopatch is designed to work with all supported versions of Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows 365 Enterprise. Windows Server and Windows 365 for Business are not supported.

The function is designed to solve problems related to software updates in corporate IT environments, as well as to eliminate security gaps that have arisen as a result of untimely application of fixes, thereby opening the door to potential new threats. The service applies updates in four deployment rings, starting with a small set of “test” devices in the corporate network, before moving to the “first” 1% of endpoints, then to the “fast” and “wide” rings that contain the rest of the systems.

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