The Ministry of Finance will support "white hackers"


The Ministry of Finance of Russia, together with companies operating in the information security market, is preparing a financial support plan for the development of domestic information security solutions that can replace those that have left the market.

Realizing the importance of the information security industry, the Ministry proposes to extend support measures to companies in the field of information security and add OKVED 74.90.9 (activities in the field of information security) to the list of activities to which benefits will apply. This will allow employees of information security companies and the companies themselves to fully use all the support measures previously presented by the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry also proposes to discuss with the professional community a new initiative of direct financial support for the so-called pentests (analysis of the system for vulnerabilities) and Bug Bounty (payment of remuneration for the detection of vulnerabilities). As part of the operational headquarters for information security, large companies are invited to test the technology and mechanics of implementing these initiatives. The Ministry is ready to co-finance pilot projects.

The Ministry emphasizes that it fully supports the actual transition to real testing and vulnerability detection.

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