The Ministry of Finance will launch headquarters to combat cyber attacks


Intensive cyberattacks on Russian websites are continuing, and work is underway to organize specialized headquarters to combat them, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexander Shoitov told Interfax on Tuesday.

“There are certain fluctuations, that is, waves, but it is not necessary to say that they are asleep now. They can be one week significantly more, one week less. It’s like waves in the sea. But in general, they are quite high,” Shoytov said, adding that the intensity of attacks in general remains.

The Deputy Minister clarified that systemic and priority measures are being taken to counteract this. “Additional measures: organization of headquarters, joint work,” Shoitov said.

He added that on the issue of minimizing threats, the Ministry of Finance is working with the FSB, FSTEC and the Central Bank.

Shoitov forwarded the question of where the cyberattacks could have come from to the FSB. “It is rather better to ask this question to the Federal Security Service,” he said.

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