The Ministry of Finance will help banks filter foreign traffic


The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media has offered banks assistance in combating DDoS attacks coming from abroad, follows from a letter from the Bank of Russia sent to credit institutions. The document was reviewed by RBC, its authenticity was confirmed by two sources in Russian banks. The initiative itself was confirmed by representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

If banks are interested in assistance from the Ministry of Finance, they can send to the Central Bank a list of information systems potentially exposed to the threat of DDoS attacks, and other information, the letter of the Central Bank says.

“The Ministry of Finance organizes work on filtering foreign traffic using technical means to counter threats, and also conducts interdepartmental coordination work in new conditions,” a representative of the department told RBC.

The letter from the Central Bank clarifies that the decision of the Ministry of Finance was made in connection with the frequent cases of DDoS attacks on the websites of financial organizations, as well as other subjects of critical information infrastructure.

“The Bank of Russia is taking various measures to provide additional support to banks in countering computer attacks in order to prevent violations of the availability of resources of credit institutions, including clearing incoming traffic to information objects (resources) of financial organizations,” a representative of the regulator told RBC.

Now there is a sharp increase in DDoS attacks in all industries, including the financial sector, agrees the founder and CEO of Qrator Labs Alexander Lyamin: “There is an escalation – the complexity and number of attacks are growing. DDoS attacks are often paired with hacking attempts, which requires an increased level of protection, especially for financial organizations.”

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