The Ministry of Finance recommends that mobile operators limit traffic consumption


The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation recommended that Russian mobile operators remove unlimited tariffs and reduce Internet traffic included in packages, RBC reports with reference to a letter from the head of the department Maksut Shadaev.

The letter recommends “balancing the volumes of traffic consumed” by subscribers within the framework of tariff plans, providing for “a reasonable reduction in such volumes.”

The Ministry of Finance confirmed the mailing of the letter. “In the conditions of external sanctions pressure and reduced availability of foreign equipment, it is necessary to find a balance to maintain and develop mobile networks. We are taking measures to reasonably consume traffic while maintaining the quality and accessibility of the main digital services and services,” the representative of the ministry said.

Representatives of Megafon and MTS considered this recommendation reasonable. However, the interlocutors of the publication did not specify exactly how the recommendations of the Ministry of Finance will be implemented.

A source of RBC in one of the operators explained that unlimited limits will be removed from expensive tariffs, and if traffic somehow grows abnormally, the volume of gigabytes included in package offers may be reduced. But the latter is “unlikely to happen,” he noted.

According to the commission, the cost of telecom equipment has increased by 40% due to the departure of Western vendors and the depreciation of the ruble and may increase by another 80%.

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