The Ministry of Finance proposed to improve the conditions of preferential mortgages for IT specialists


The Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Maksut Shadaev, at a regular meeting with the IT industry, said that the minimum income threshold for obtaining a preferential mortgage could be reduced by 50 thousand rubles.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia has carefully studied the reaction of the industry and made changes. We propose to extend this measure of support to IT professionals aged 22 to 45 years with an income of 150 thousand rubles per month for cities with millions of people and from 100 thousand rubles for regions.

Maksut Shadayev also noted that the application procedure for obtaining a deferral from the army will be held electronically. 50 days before the start of the call, an accredited IT company must submit lists of employees who meet the criteria. The Ministry of Finance will collect and verify information within 20 days and then send the data to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The organization has a chance to lose accreditation and benefits if the submitted applications do not meet the requirements. It is planned that the application form will be launched from April 15.

A list of 75 specialties that allow you to apply for a postponement has also been published. It includes engineering specialties, statistics, telecom specialties and others.

All the detailed information is in the Government decree .

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