The Ministry of Finance of Russia held a meeting with the heads of IT companies


The Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadaev discussed with the heads of IT companies new proposals for the development of the industry.

What were they talking about:

  • simplification of the grant application procedure
  • the volume of co-financing
  • pledge of intangible assets
  • postponement from the army
  • preferential mortgage
  • regional IT companies
  • production and import support

“We consider it necessary to simplify the procedure for processing applications for grants, as well as to change the amount of co-financing. It is planned that 80% will come from the RFRIT and 20% from the company that receives such a grant. We also propose to simplify the solution of the issue of collateral for loans, we will work out the collateral of intangible assets, we are ready to give loans at 3% for new developments. It is worth noting that the Ministry of Finance of Russia does not plan to replace the lending procedure, we only provide accessibility for new developments and current activities,” he said the head of the Ministry of Finance Maksut Shadaev.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia has also prepared a draft resolution that regulates the procedure for granting employees of companies a deferral from the army. “It is planned that the postponement will apply only to accredited companies, but if an IT company is included in the list of systemically significant, then such a support measure will apply to all its employees. The Ministry of Finance also proposes to form a list of specialties in universities, graduates of which will be able to receive a deferral from the army. If a graduate gets a job in an accredited IT company within a year, he will be able to apply for such a measure,” the head of the Ministry of Finance noted.

The Ministry of Finance plans to keep a register of all conscripts who have received the appropriate exemptions. As for other measures, a draft resolution on the criteria for granting preferential mortgages will be published soon. The Ministry of Finance of Russia also proposes to extend benefits for IT companies to manufacturers of telecom equipment and software and hardware complexes. It is planned that all accredited IT companies will be able to apply for benefits, regardless of the number of employees.

IT companies that had previously sent information about themselves were invited to a meeting with the head of the Ministry of Finance through the Public Services portal on the topic of urgent support measures needed by the industry. Companies talk about the problems they face and report on the necessary resources to solve them. The survey participants can also propose new projects and support measures for implementation.

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