The Ministry of Finance called the conditions of preferential mortgages and deferrals from the army for IT specialists


The authorities have revealed the conditions for granting IT professionals benefits designed to encourage them to stay in Russia. A deferral from the army is proposed to be given to employees of accredited IT companies with specialized education. Mortgage at 5% will be able to receive specialists aged 22 to 40 years, earning at least 200,000 rubles a month in millionaires and from 150,000 rubles in the regions

The Ministry of Finance is launching the third package of measures to support the IT industry in an accelerated mode, Head of the department Maksut Shadayev said at a meeting of the government and business representatives on Saturday. According to him, the Ministry of Finance is moving in ten directions, which include taxes, grants, loans, deferral from the army, etc.

The draft resolution of the Ministry of Finance on granting a deferral from the army to IT specialists is already in the government, Shadaev said. According to him, it is received by employees of companies accredited by the Ministry of Finance who have specialized education or education closely related to IT specialties. “We propose to grant a reprieve from the army to IT specialists who work in companies for which IT is an important, but not the main part — banks, media, budget organizations,” Shadaev said.

In addition, he added that it is necessary to create incentives for young developers who are in demand on the international market to stay in the country. The Ministry of Finance has offered a preferential mortgage at 5% for IT professionals from 22 to 40 years old with an income of 200,000 rubles per month in cities with millions and 150,000 rubles in the regions. “We hope that such regions as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod will additionally close rates at 3% at their own expense in order for the mortgage to be at 2%,” Shadaev said. He believes that in the next three years it will be possible to cover 50,000 IT specialists with a preferential mortgage program.

According to Shadaev, the number of IT companies that can receive benefits will increase. Now it will be all software integrators who implement Russian software, the owners of which they are not. “The old story with 1C, when 1C partners who successfully carry out digital transformation at the enterprise did not fall under the first tax maneuver,” Shadaev gave an example. The benefits also apply to all Internet companies that are commercialized through the sale of advertising or through the sale of subscriptions to content. The head of the Ministry of Finance noted that the ministry has a preliminary agreement with the Ministry of Finance that companies that produce Russian software hardware complexes in various fields, including in the field of cybersecurity, will also fall under the third package.

“We have previously agreed with the Ministry of Finance that we are removing the restriction on the number of employees in an IT company – previously there should have been at least seven, and now very small companies will be able to use the benefits,” the minister added.

According to him, another task of the ministry is to load developers who were released due to the termination of part of export contracts. “We decided that this process should be supported primarily financially, so we are significantly increasing the amount of grants that will be allocated through the ministry,” Shadayev said.

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