The international community to respond to cyber threats FIRST suspended work with Russian centers


The international community FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), which generalizes the accumulated knowledge about cyber attacks from different countries and allows its participants to exchange experiences, suspended cooperation with eight Russian centers for responding to computer incidents.

This follows from the information on the FIRST website. Among them are the Center for Monitoring and Responding to Computer Attacks of the Bank of Russia (FinCERT), the Russian Center for Responding to Computer Incidents (RU-CERT), centers at Kaspersky Lab, BI.ZONE (Sberbank’s daughter), Jet Infosystems, Rostelecom-Solar, Information Security Laboratories, “Infosecurity” (included in Softline).

The statement contradicts the very principle of the company’s work, which states that FIRST seeks to unite incident response teams and security services from all over the world to ensure a secure Internet for everyone.

FIRST was founded in 1990. Currently, the organization includes 612 companies from around the world, including the centers of the largest information giants Apple, Google, Tencent and others.

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