The information security service of Yandex Food revealed a leak of information


As a result of unscrupulous actions of one of the employees, customers’ phone numbers and information about their orders were published on the Internet: composition, delivery time, and so on. The leak did not affect the bank, payment and registration data of users, that is, logins and passwords. This data is safe. The team “Yandex.Food” apologized to users and promised that she would send a letter with details to everyone affected by the leak.

The company said that they conducted an internal audit. According to its results, the approach to storing sensitive information, including those related to customer orders, was tightened. The company assures that it has provided this data with the necessary level of protection, which is comparable to the level of protection of payment information. In addition, the service will exclude the processing of such information manually and will triple the number of employees who have access to it.

The measures prescribed by law will be taken against the employee responsible for the leak. In addition, Yandex. Food has applied to law enforcement agencies with a statement about unauthorized access to customer data and is doing everything to prevent the dissemination of published information.

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