The head of the Ministry of Finance Shadaev hopes that "iPhones will not turn into bricks"


The Ministry of Finance is working on creating a store of Russian applications, Maksut Shadaev said. While it is being created on the Android platform, and for iOS “due to its more closed architecture, questions remain”

We have already formulated a legislative initiative to create a Russian marketplace. It is clear that we can now create it on the Android platform due to its greater openness, flexibility, and so on. Therefore, this work has already been started in several companies. And I am sure that there are not so many risks for Android users in this sense.

– said Shadaev.

He added that the Ministry of Finance is currently communicating with Apple: “Apple and I are in touch now, and, in principle, the company has a constructive position. We know that colleagues are making some efforts, and payments are still being made through mobile operators in the App Store. Therefore, we will hope that our “iPhones” will not turn into bricks.I».

Earlier, Apple allowed to pay with a bank card of the Mir payment system in the services of its ecosystem and in an Apple ID account. It is noted that the Mir card cannot be linked yet, but official representatives of the company said that it will soon be possible to do so. Adding a card will allow you to pay for services of the Apple ecosystem, such as Apple TV or Apple Music, as well as to buy applications in the App Store.

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