The head of Lapsus$ can be an English teenager


Over the past few weeks, the hacker group Lapsus$ has claimed responsibility for hacking a number of major technology companies, including Nvidia, Samsung, Ubisoft, Okta and even Microsoft. And the head of operations, as Bloomberg reports, may be an English teenager.

According to the publication, four researchers conducted an investigation into Lapsus$ on behalf of the affected companies, they came to the conclusion that a teenager is at the head of the group. However, no formal charges have been brought against him, and researchers have not been able to link him to every hack the group has boasted about.

A teenager using the pseudonyms White and breachbase allegedly lives in the vicinity of Oxford University. According to Bloomberg journalists, they even managed to communicate with his mother through the intercom.

The woman stated that she did not know anything about what her son was accused of, refused to discuss him and did not allow him to be interviewed.

However, an English teenager is not the whole Lapsus$. One alleged member of the group is a teenager from Brazil. In addition, the researchers were able to link seven unique accounts to it.

According to information security expert and journalist Brian Krebs, one of the key participants of Lapsus$, using the pseudonyms breachbase, Oklaqq and WhiteDoxbin, acquired the Doxbin website, where everyone can publish or find personal information for the purpose of doxing. However, WhiteDoxbin turned out to be a lousy administrator and was forced to sell the site back to its previous owner. Before that, he published all the Doxbin datasets, which is why he himself was subjected to doxing by the users of the site. In particular, his videos allegedly filmed at night near his home in the UK were leaked.

It seems that breachbase, White, Oklaqq and WhiteDoxbin, which were reported by Bloomberg and Krebs, are the same person.

Doxing is the search and publication of personal or confidential information about a person without his consent. This process does not always involve illegal actions, but doxing refers to a violation of network etiquette and is often prohibited by the internal rules of Internet communities. The reason for doxing may be blackmail, revenge or harassment.

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