The German Denso network was subjected to a cyber attack


Denso, Toyota’s leading supplier, was attacked by ransomware last week.

The Japanese supplier said that on Thursday, local time, it discovered unauthorized access using ransomware at Denso Automotive Deutschland GmbH, a group of companies that deals with sales and engineering in Germany.

The hacker group Pandora gained access to Denso systems, threatening to disclose trade secrets in the darknet, including e-mail, invoices and schematics of details, the national broadcaster NHK reported, citing the Japanese cybersecurity firm Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions.

The group said it has more than 157,000 purchase orders for emails and sketches, or 1.4 TB of data. Pandora conducted cyberattacks using ransomware programs that encrypt company data and demand a ransom in exchange for non-disclosure of data, NHK reports.

According to Automotive News ranking among the world’s 100 largest manufacturers of spare parts, Denso is the second largest supplier of automotive parts in the world after Bosch.

This is the second cyberattack on a Toyota supplier in recent times. The automaker shut down all its factories in Japan two weeks ago after Kojima Press Industry was subjected to a cyberattack. Although production resumed a day later, the incident was another blow for Toyota as it sought to restore production lost in recent months due to chip shortages and failures related to COVID.

CEO Akio Toyoda said last week that the company would have to rethink its production plans due to growing global disruptions.

According to the National Police Agency of Japan, last year the authorities identified a record 12,275 cases of cybercrime in the country. The main targets of ransomware attacks are the manufacturing industry of Japan.

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