The FBI accused a 23-year-old Russian of trading stolen personal data


On Tuesday, a Russian citizen was charged in the United States with allegedly running an online marketplace selling access to credit cards, stores and online payment accounts belonging to tens of thousands of victims.

23-year-old Igor Dekhtyarchuk, who first appeared on hacker forums under the nickname floraby in 2013, appearing on the FBI’s list of most wanted cybercriminals, is suspected of being the mastermind of an underground cyberforum and trading platform named Marketplace A by the US Department of Justice. The site, launched in 2018, sold stolen logins, personal information about users and authentication tools, including those that gave access to credit card data.


As specified in the message of the American prosecutor’s office, Marketplace A had an average of up to 5,000 daily visitors. It is assumed that up to 48 thousand compromised email addresses and up to 39 thousand hacked online accounts were sold through it.

Dekhtyarchuk was included in the list of cybercriminals on the priority list of wanted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. Charges against Dekhtyarchuk were brought in absentia. The message clarifies that he lives in Russia.

If convicted, Dekhtyarchuk faces up to 20 years in federal prison, the Ministry of Justice warned.

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