The credentials of Raspberry Pi OS and Linux devices are most often compromised by hackers


Hackers regularly gain access to servers with the same widely used passwords, which are often used by default. According to researchers from Bulletproof, the credentials of devices running Raspberry Pi OS and Linux are most often compromised by attackers.

Currently, 70% of all web activity is accounted for by bot traffic. As hackers increasingly use automated attack methods, default credentials are the most common passwords used by cybercriminals.

More than 200 thousand systems running Raspberry Pi OS were found on the Network, which makes them an attractive target for intruders. A similar problem applies to computer systems running Linux. This highlights a key problem — the default credentials still don’t change. The use of default credentials provides one of the easiest entry points for intruders, acting as a “master key” for numerous hacks.

Using legitimate credentials can allow hackers not only to avoid detection, but also significantly complicate the investigation and monitoring of attacks.

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