The Canadian division of Panasonic was attacked by cyber extortionists


Panasonic Holdings, a subsidiary that sells household appliances in Canada, was attacked by a ransomware virus in February.

Having detected the intrusion of intruders, the company immediately took security measures by disconnecting the affected IT infrastructure from the Internet.

Nevertheless, cybercriminals were able to gain access to the company’s internal documentation. On April 5, the stolen data was posted by extortionists on their darknet leaks website.

Panasonic confirmed the authenticity of the “leaked” information, claiming that other divisions of the corporation were not affected by the cyberattack.

Information security specialists from Mitsui Bussan Secure Direction said that a subsidiary of Panasonic was attacked by the extortionate Conti group.

According to Mitsui Bussan Secure Direction, 6100 files with a volume of 2.87 gigabytes were at the disposal of the ransomware. The stolen files contain information about personnel, budget and accounting data.

According to the statement of the extortionists, the volume of stolen data is much larger, so far only 3% of the stolen information has been disclosed.

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