The American cloud provider Cloudflare does not intend to stop working in the Russian Federation


Cloudflare, which provides products for content delivery and protection against DDoS attacks, has decided to continue
work in Russia. This was stated by the head of the company Matthew Prince in the organization’s blog. According to him, Cloudfare complies with the imposed sanctions with the help of a “reliable and comprehensive program.” Over the past few weeks, users from Russia have become more likely to use Cloudflare services, and visit more world media sites, access to which is blocked in Russia.

We have closed paid access to our network and systems in regions that have fallen under comprehensive sanctions. We have also terminated cooperation with clients that we believe are linked to sanctions, including clients associated with Russian financial institutions, influence campaigns, as well as the Russian-linked governments of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Cloudflare, a web infrastructure security company, has provided its services free of charge to the Ukrainian government, telecommunications companies and any Ukrainian organization facing an attack.

The company said it is imperative that it continues to operate and provide critical information to its citizens and the rest of the world about what is happening to them. The company considers the complete closure of access to Cloudflare services to be a mistake. The departure of Cloudflare would do almost no harm to the Russian government, but it would make it difficult for Russians to access the world Internet and make them vulnerable to the authorities.

The head of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, said that the company will not restrict Russians and leave the Russian market. He explained this by saying that “Russia now needs more, not less, access to the world Internet.” In other words, the Prince wants to preserve access to international sources of information for Russians.

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