T-Mobile secretly bought stolen customer data from hackers

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/04/13/t-mobile-secretly-bought-stolen-customer-data-from-hackers/

In August 2021, T-Mobile was subjected to a cyberattack. The personal data of 30 million of its customers turned out to be in the hands of the attackers. Hackers contacted the company and offered to redeem the stolen information for 6 bitcoins, the value of which at that time was $ 270,000.

As part of the trial of the administrator of the popular hacker forum RaidForums, information shedding light on the T-Mobile leak was made public.

According to court documents, T-Mobile hired a third-party company that tried to pay hackers for exclusive access to the “leaked” data to limit their distribution.

The plan ultimately failed. The criminals continued to sell the data as if nothing had happened. And this is despite the fact that the company hired by T-Mobile paid them a total of $200,000.

T-Mobile did not respond to a request from journalists to comment on whether it was aware that the hired company paid cybercriminals hundreds of thousands of dollars to stop the distribution of stolen data.

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