Sony Interactive Entertainment suspends sale and support of Playstation in Russia


Sony has stopped selling its PlayStation consoles and software in Russia, becoming the last major brand to leave the country due to Russia’s conflict with Ukraine..

Sony’s decision is one of the most significant steps in the video game industry. Experts say that the company has the largest presence in Russia among all console manufacturers.

“PlayStation is the most popular gaming console, so leaving the Russian market is an especially difficult choice from a purely financial point of view,” said Lewis Ward, head of the gaming department at research firm IDC.

A representative of Sony’s video games division said on Wednesday that the company had suspended all shipments of software and hardware to the country, as well as the launch of the new racing game Gran Turismo 7. The PlayStation Store will also no longer be available in Russia. Most likely, previously purchased games will no longer be available to users. A corresponding message has already appeared in PSN.

Earlier, the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Alexander Tkachenko asked Valve, Sony, Xbox and Epic Games to turn off their services in Russia and Belarus. He addressed the CEOs of leading video game development and digital distribution companies: Valve Corporation (Steam), Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation Network), Xbox Game Studios (Xbox Network) and Epic Games (Epic Games Store).

I called for banning all digital platforms, products and services of companies in Russia and Belarus, and stopping cooperation with Russian and Belarusian businesses. Continue the war in video games. – he wrote.

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