Serchinform will import Western licenses for SIEM and DCAP for free


Serchinform has launched an action: the vendor offers customers to replace the licenses of foreign DCAP (Varonis, Imperva, Netwrix, etc.) and SIEM systems (ArcSight, QRadar, Splunk, etc.) for free when paying for annual technical support.

This measure will make it easier to go through the process of emergency import substitution, especially for those classes of solutions where the penetration of foreign products is high. For example, foreign SIEM systems occupy about 60% of the market. Even those companies that are satisfied with foreign products are afraid that they will suddenly not be able to use them.

“Western players suspended work on the territory of the Russian Federation, while bona fide customers were left without protection: paid licenses expired ahead of time, technical support does not work, payments do not pass, etc. It turns out that Russian companies should urgently look for a replacement for foreign IS products and find a budget to purchase software licenses for the second time. At the same time, other factors also put pressure on customers: due to the growing risk of internal and external incidents, regulators are tightening protection requirements; a presidential decree was issued banning the purchase of foreign software for CII facilities. In this situation, we decided not to charge customers for the purchase of licenses again and deliver software at the price of annual technical support,” said Lev Matveev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Serchinform.

Available for the promotion:

  • Serchinform SIEM is a boxed product that comes with a set of ready–made correlation rules. This allows you to start the system and organize work from the first day, the SIEM administrator will be able to immediately show the result to the management.
  • Serchinform FileAuditor is a DCAP system for automated audit of the file system, search for access rights violations, changes in data, and prohibition of actions with them.

Both products can be tested and deployed as quickly as possible, they close all the typical tasks facing the DCAP and SIEM solution classes.

“We released the first Russian DCAP back in 2019 and not just made a tracing paper from a Western product, but created a unique solution and beat Western competitors in certain functionality. For example, they implemented the ability to block access and forwarding of confidential files in any applications. And our SIEM system was developed as a boxed solution that does not require writing complex correlation rules and, accordingly, hiring expensive specialists who will write these rules. These are not just equivalent analogues, but also with more useful and interesting functionality,” says Alexey Parfentiev, head of the Serchinform Analytics Department.

The campaign for free import substitution of foreign software licenses will last until July 1, 2022. Leave a request for testing and calculation of SIEM and FileAuditor .

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