Security-news from Alexander Antipov ( ). Issue #52


A serious vulnerability in the Linux kernel allows you to overwrite any files in the system, hackers hacked Samsung and leaked 190 GB of data, and AI detects mental disorders by tracking changes in the emotions of users of social networks.

The new deepfakes bypass most of the largest face-based authentication systems, more than 2/3 of previously hacked passwords are still in use, and the TeaBot Trojan is already attacking more than 400 applications. The Russian authorities have published 17,576 IP addresses and 166 domains behind a powerful series of DDoS attacks, and the departure of the leading Internet data provider Cogent has brought the scenario of isolation of the country from the World Wide Web closer.

Google is buying the cybersecurity company Mandiant for $ 5.4 billion, the choice of cybersecurity solutions in Russia has narrowed due to the departure of Western IT vendors, and legal entities will be able to get free TLS certificates for secure access to sites.

In the fifty-second issue of Top Security News, the editor-in-chief Alexander Antipov will talk about the most notable security incidents and important events in the world of technology during the week. Among the topics of the issue:

  • Dirty Pipe vulnerability discovered in Linux;
  • AI model identifies mental disorders based on messages on the Internet;
  • Disconnecting Russia from the Internet can lead to unpredictable consequences;
  • Hackers got 190 GB of confidential data from Samsung;
  • Deepfakes can easily deceive many authentication systems Facial Liveness Verification;
  • The future without passwords will not come soon;
  • Android Trojan TeaBot continues its triumphant march across the planet;
  • The largest American backbone provider Cogent disconnects Russian operators from their networks;
  • A list of IP addresses and domains attacking the infrastructure of Russia with DDoS attacks has been published;
  • Google buys cybersecurity company Mandiant for $5.4 billion;
  • Due to the withdrawal of Western IT vendors from the market, the choice of information security solutions has narrowed;
  • Free TLS certificates will ensure the availability of sites.

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