Security-news from Alexander Antipov. Issue #55


In 2021, 52% of major cyber attacks began with the exploitation of a 0-day vulnerability, $625 million was stolen from the blockchain of the popular crypto game Axie Infinity, spam with an IcedID backdoor is being sent through hacked Microsoft Exchange servers, and a new Windows feature blocks vulnerable drivers and protects systems from VPO.

Infection with a ransomware program is preceded by the appearance of a precursor malware, in the United States hackers attack uninterruptible power supplies using factory accounts and critical vulnerabilities, and Elon Musk is thinking about launching a new uncensored social network. Apple’s new features will limit the ability of online advertising to monitor customers, and in Yekaterinburg, the neural network listens to schoolchildren to prevent jokes.

In 2021, 14 out of 16 sectors of the US critical infrastructure were affected by cyber ransomware, the Central Bank of Russia requires banks to find a replacement for foreign IS funds, and the FSTEC will withdraw 56 products from foreign developers if they do not provide technical support in 90 days.

In the fifty-fifth issue of Top Security News, the editor-in-chief Alexander Antipov will talk about the most notable security incidents and important events in the world of technology during the week. Among the topics of the issue:

— Hackers have become more active in exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities

— New Windows security feature blocks vulnerable drivers

— IcedID operators spread malware through hacked Microsoft Exchange servers

— An unknown hacker stole a cryptocurrency worth about $625 million from the Ronin blockchain

— AI listens to Yekaterinburg schoolchildren and reports to the director

— The US authorities have warned about attacks on uninterruptible power supplies

— Elon Musk wants to create his own social network, free from censorship

— Advertisers are wary of Apple’s future privacy plans

— Experts told about the early signs of possible infection with extortionate software

— FSTEC will leave foreign companies without certificates

— The Central Bank demanded that banks find a replacement for foreign information security

— At least 649 CI organizations in the United States became victims of ransomware in 2021

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