Scammers have created phishing sites to steal donations for Ukraine


A little more than a month has passed since the beginning of the military conflict on the territory of Ukraine, and scammers have already created phishing sites to steal donations intended for Ukraine.

According to researchers from McAfee Labs, unknown scammers have launched a scam with cryptocurrency donations. Experts have discovered a phishing site with a request for donations for UNICEF. The website contains the BBC logo followed by several crypto wallet addresses.

As the results of the investigation showed, the last wallet has about 313 Ethereum (ETH) coins worth more than $850 thousand. However, the phishing site indicates that “donations” have reached the $114 thousand mark. In any case, these funds ended up in the pockets of the attackers.

Another fraudulent website called Ukrainethereum was created with great attention to detail. There is a fake chat and a fake donation verifier on the fraudulent resource.

The researchers also found phishing emails requesting donations to bitcoin wallet addresses belonging to scammers.

Other phishing emails and websites ask victims to enter their credit card details. After entering the information, it is sent to scammers who either sell it on the darknet or use it for their own purposes.

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