Samsung confirmed the source code leak


Samsung has confirmed the leak of the company’s internal data, including the source code associated with Galaxy smartphones.

“According to our initial analysis, the leak includes source code related to the operations of Galaxy devices, but does not include personal information of our customers and employees,” Samsung representatives told Bloomberg.

The company also stated that it does not expect any impact of the incident on its business or customers and has taken new security measures to prevent similar leaks in the future.

As SecurityLab previously reported, the LAPSUS$ cybercriminal group claimed to have stolen 190 GB of data from Samsung, including the source code of trusted applets installed in TrustZone, algorithms for biometric authentication, loaders of the latest device models and even confidential data from the Qualcomm chip supplier.

Not so long ago, LAPSUS$ also stole 1 TB of data from the NVIDIA graphics card manufacturer, including employee credentials, driver source code and information about the latest graphics card models. Hackers demanded that the company permanently open the source code of its divers for video cards and remove the hashrate limiter from NVIDIA 30 series video cards that prevents them from being used for Ethereum mining. Otherwise, the attackers threatened to publish more stolen data.

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