Russian Security Council: The United States is preparing to launch preventive cyber strikes


The American cyber command today “is working hard, planning operations, mastering the money of its taxpayers, processing allies, without which, as you know, the Anglo-Saxons do not enter into wars.”

So to Washington’s accusations that Russia is allegedly preparing cyber attacks against the United States in order to “take revenge” on the West for the sanctions imposed against it. This was stated in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta by Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Oleg Khramov. According to him, according to the doctrine, the US cyber command and cyberwarfare can use information and communication technologies to launch pre-emptive strikes on critical facilities.

He noted that after the suppression of the activities of the REvil hacker group in February of this year, proposals were sent to the White House to begin developing joint measures to protect against destructive effects on critical infrastructure facilities of both countries. According to him, before that, as part of the work of the Kremlin-White House joint group under the auspices of the Russian Security Council and the US National Security Council, the parties exchanged lists of objects of critical information infrastructure of both countries.

According to Khramov, the United States does not use the mandatory norms of international law on information security, they often dictate their rules to the world.

As an example, he cited the speech of US President Joe Biden, who, speaking in the office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States, said that “it is very likely that if we eventually enter a war with a major power, it will happen as a result of a cyber attack with great consequences.”

In addition, the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council quoted the head of the cyber command, Director of the US National Security Agency Paul Nakasone, who explained the essence of the American cyber concept: “We must move the fight in cyberspace to the enemy’s territory – just as we do in other areas of armed struggle, because the US Armed Forces cannot succeed if they act only within their own networks.”

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