Roskomnadzor will check the quality of blocking prohibited resources


The GRCC demanded that telecom operators “urgently check the blocking of Internet resources,” Kommersant reports.

Rostelecom confirmed to the publication the receipt of the letter and the verification. MTS, Vimpelcom, Megafon, Er-Telecom and Tele2 declined to comment, and Roskomnadzor did not respond to the request. According to the newspaper, the check should be completed by the end of March, but it is not specified which resources are in question.

The blocking of resources is carried out, among other things, with the help of “technical means of countering threats” (TSPU), which telecom operators were obliged to install in accordance with the law on the “sovereign Runet”.

Instagram Facebook, Twitter, and Twitter are interested in the effectiveness of blocking TSPU social networks, according to one of the interlocutors of the publication, Roskomnadzor (the latter two belong to Meta, the Russian court recognized it as an extremist organization and banned its activities).

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