Roskomnadzor took action against Google LLC for non-compliance with Russian legislation


For numerous violations of Russian legislation by the American IT company Google LLC, Roskomnadzor decided to introduce coercive measures of an informative and economic nature.

In particular, the following measures will be applied to Google and its information resources:

– informing Internet users by search engines about the violation of Russian legislation by a foreign person;
– a ban on the distribution of advertising by Google LLC and its information resources as an object of advertising.

According to the regulator – “YouTube video hosting has become one of the key platforms spreading fakes about the course of a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In addition, YouTube does not fight the dissemination of information by extremist organizations such as the Right Sector and the nationalist Azov regiment. To date, over 12 thousand of such prohibited materials remain undeleted.”

Also, since April 2020, about 60 incidents have been identified related to discrimination by YouTube video hosting of the content of Russian media, state, public and sports organizations and figures. In particular, the blocking of accounts or content of news agencies Russia Today, Russia 24, Sputnik, Zvezda, RBC, NTV and many others was revealed. – informs Roskomnadzor

The listed measures of an informational and economic nature in relation to the American Internet company Google LLC will be in effect until the complete elimination by a foreign person of violations of Russian legislation

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