ProtonMail will continue to provide services in Russia


“As the conflict continues, we are seeing a sharp increase in requests from Russian networks to the world’s media, which reflects the desire of ordinary Russian citizens to see world news, in addition to those provided in Russia,” the company said.

At the beginning of the military conflict, ProtonVPN announced its readiness to donate 10% of the proceeds from new subscriptions to ProtonMail and ProtonVPN in the next two weeks to help victims in Ukraine. Almost two weeks later, ProtonMain explained why it does not stop serving Russian customers.

“Many companies have announced their refusal to serve Russian customers. However, the company’s mission is to protect Internet freedom anywhere in the world, so we remain committed to ensuring the free flow of information in Russia for as long as possible.”

Experts have already warned that attempts to block Internet access for ordinary Russian citizens can make them more susceptible to propaganda, as well as destroy the norms on which the security and stability of the world Wide Web depends.

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