Pro-Russian hackers announced the hacking of secret correspondence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine


In the modern world, two wars are being waged at once – conventional and digital. Now hackers claim that they were able to hack the servers of one of the Ukrainian departments. The journalists of the telegram channel Mash announced that the hackers of the XakNet Team group gained access to secret documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. They allegedly passed the received data to the authors of the channel.

It is noted that diplomatic letters, claims and notifications turned out to be in the archive.

The information from the letters concerns weapons, joint exercises with NATO and the UK, routes of Ukrainian negotiating delegations. Allegedly, hackers have “a giant archive of hundreds of thousands of emails” at their disposal. Now they read other people’s business letters, notes, notices and claims.

The correspondence discusses the “possible upcoming famine”, Ukrainian diplomats ask other countries of the world for support, in particular, financial, and demand harsh sanctions for Russia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has not yet given comments on this matter.

XakNet Team is a Russian group of hackers and hacktivists. It was created in February 2022 in response to the announced Anonymous cyber war with Russia. According to their own statement in the official Telegram channel, they currently have access to 220,000 Wi-Fi routers on the territory of Ukraine and are responsible for massive hacks and DDOS attacks on the territory of Ukraine.

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