Positive Technologies Webinar: "PT ISIM 4: What's new"

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/30/positive-technologies-webinar-pt-isim-4-whats-new/

The industry is among the top 3 industries in terms of the number of cyber attacks and remains the focus of attention of criminal groups. In order to simplify the task of timely detection of cyber attacks for information security specialists in industrial companies, we have released a new version of the PT ISIM system for in–depth analysis of technological traffic.

At the webinar on March 31, you will learn how PT ISIM 4 helps in identifying real cyber threats in technological networks: we will demonstrate how to work with chronological chains of attacks, tell you about the mechanisms that allow you to adapt the product to the infrastructure of the technology segment and reduce the number of false positives. We will also share what expert knowledge about threats the product has received with the addition of a new package of expertise, we will tell you about the support of new industrial protocols.

The webinar will be of interest to PT ISIM users, Positive Technologies partners and anyone interested in automated process control system security.

To get a link to the broadcast, you need to register. The webinar starts at 14:00 (Moscow time).

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