Positive Technologies invites you to the webinar "Non-EFI-dimensional malware: studying bootkits"

Source: https://cobaltstrike.net/2022/03/11/positive-technologies-invites-you-to-the-webinar-non-efi-dimensional-malware-studying-bootkits/

Vendors, like virus writers, do not stand still — in turn, they introduce new mechanisms to counter threats. It is from the point of view of security that the modern standard for preloading operating systems, UEFI, is interesting.

At the webinar on March 15, PT Expert Security Center experts will continue to talk about the types of bootkits ― the most dangerous type of malware. This time they will focus on its more recent representatives aimed at compromising UEFI. They will show how modern bootkits differ from the ancestors, who were told about at the last webinar. They will tell you how booting to UEFI differs from Legacy BIOS. They will talk about the techniques used and weaknesses of systems on the UEFI platform.

Broadcast for SOC employees, malware researchers, PT Sandbox users, as well as anyone interested in information security.

To participate , you need to register . A link to the webinar will be sent to all participants an hour before the start.

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