Panasonic's business operations in Canada hit by cyberattack


Japanese technology giant Panasonic has confirmed a cyberattack on business operations in Canada. As representatives of the company told Techcrunch, Panasonic Canada was the victim of a “targeted cyberattack” in February this year, affecting some of its systems, processes and networks.

The Conti group, operating under the extortion-as-a-service (RaaS) business model, claimed responsibility for the attack. Such groups usually rent out their infrastructure for ransomware in exchange for a percentage of any proceeds from the ransom.

According to cybercriminals, they stole more than 2.8 GB of data from Panasonic Canada, including internal files, spreadsheets and documents belonging to the human resources and accounting department of Panasonic.

The company did not specify what data was accessed and how many people were affected by the hack. It also remains unknown whether the group demanded a ransom.

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