Nvidia is investigating a possible cyberattack

Source: Nvidia is investigating a possible cyberattack – cobaltstrike.net

A major American processor manufacturer Nvidia is investigating a possible security incident, as a result of which some of the company’s systems were disabled for two days.

The likely cyberattack affected developer tools and email systems. The malfunction was caused by penetration into the network, but it is still unknown whether corporate or client data was stolen.

The scale and impact of the incident is currently being assessed. According to the company, its commercial assets were not affected.

Nvidia cannot provide any additional data yet, however, as one of the company’s employees told the BleepingComputer portal, the incident “completely compromised” its internal systems. Probably, the reason for the attack is extortionate software, writes Bloomberg.

Nvidia, with a market value of almost $600 billion, is the most expensive chip manufacturer in the United States. In particular, the company is known for its powerful video cards for gaming computers.

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